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The information contained in this website is based on my own personal experiences and knowledge I have gained through the Internet, conferences I have attended, Doctors I have met and other families I have communicated with.

I am not a medical professional and certainly do not consider myself an expert on the subject.

Please follow the advice of your medical professionals and do your own research.

We tried many different approaches to treat Sawyer and I believe that we had success with some. He was on the modified Atkin’s diet and he never had seizures. His body was incredibly healthy and he was very strong. Since time was of the essence we tried everything we could as long as we knew it couldn’t harm him. Unfortunately, the initial adrenal crisis he experienced accelerated the neurodegeneration that was occurring in his brain and we ran out of options.

I would very much like to get your input, suggestions, ideas, etc. so please e-mail me at